Timbercliffe Cottage B&B Golden Retriever guest greeter

Madie, our Golden Retriever guest greeter.


Madie, born in Bremen, Maine is our most recent Inn dog. After losing Caffrey, our third dog, we thought that she would be the last. Well, that lasted for five months when I found walking alone and having people giving me strange looks for talking to myself needed a solution. We called the breeder in Bremen and were placed on a list. After returning from holiday we visited the breeder and picked out a puppy that seemed laid back yet inquisitive. When she was finally old enough we picked her up for the short trip home. She was not happy and became ill numerous times during the drive. What we didn’t realize at the time would be that after four years she still does not enjoy even the shortest trip in the car. Even though she dislikes car rides she does enjoy a trip to the Muscongus Bay lobster pound.  She enjoys being pet and seeing more people  The porch of Timbercliffe is one of her favorite spots to be. The warm sun and the arrival of new friends brightens her day.

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  1. Kimberley June 9, 2018 at 7:48 pm - Reply

    Well, I had the great fortune of meeting Ms Madie today and what a sweetheart she is. Extremely well behaved. She came up to me as if to say hello and then went back to her space. Those eyes – oh my….I just wanted to sit down and love all over her. She could tell I wanted to play because there was excitement in my voice, but she stayed in her “area” very calmly, seated, glancing at her dad, then looking back at me as if to say “sorry” I can’t come over. I was so very impressed; she is is a 4 year old little girl – which made me want to play with her more, but I remained calm. No other guests were around so Dave (the best Inn Keeper EVER) allowed her to come out (YEAH for me). By then she had laid down, so he simply looked at her and said something like, come on Madie or you can go Madie – and she ran to me (it was one doorway to the next – not far at all) and we played on the floor for just 5 -10 minutes. It was so sweet and FUN! I fell in love with sweet little Madie. She is indeed a sweetheart and the most well behaved 4 year old I have ever met! And those eyes – they will melt your heart! Just saying!

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